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In today's post we will teach you how to create a New Microsoft (Hotmail or Outlook) email account. As you may have read our previous post in which we taught how to create a Gmail account. Now we will also teach you how to create a New Microsoft (Hotmail or Outlook) email account.


Microsoft is a Technical Corporation that has made a splash in the computer field all over the world, which came into existence on April 4, 1975. Microsoft is benefiting people by creating great software. Microsoft Corporation is the world's largest computer software company.

Its founders are Bill Gates and Paul Allen and its Chairman and CEO is Satya Nadella. Microsoft is providing many products and services in the computer world which are detailed below.

Microsoft Products

  • Software Development
  • Electronic Items
  • Social Network Items
  • Computer Hardware Items
  • Cloud Computing
  • Video Games

Microsoft Services

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Bing Search Engine
  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub
  • Yammer
  • Microsoft 365
  • One Drive
  • Microsoft Store
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • Microsoft

Create a New Microsoft Account

With Microsoft's new account you can use all Microsoft's services. If we talk about email here, then Microsoft's old website was which was used for Microsoft's services. Many users have their email address and the new website is But here the user gets confused that Hotmail email account is separate and Outlook account is separate. You don't need to worry we will teach you in depth with practical how you can create Hotmail or Outlook account. Which of course you can easily make.

Create a New Hotmail Account

Microsoft has currently upgraded website to If you also type in the browser, this URL will redirect to the website. Now we create a new account here with the following details.

Go to

Click to Create free account button the above.

Type mail address and choose the option then click Next

Enter the password you like to use your account, then click Next.

Enter First Name and Surname, then click Next.

Choose your country and enter Date of Birth, then click Next.

Click Next.

Select one square that shows two identical objects for three time. Done Ok. Your Hotmail account is ready.

 By creating this account you can access all Microsoft services. If you don't want to create an Outlook account. So, this is the method, only here you have to choose instead of, the remaining of the methods are same.


We have made this post for you to create a new Microsoft account, from which you can create a Microsoft account easily.

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