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Microsoft has default apps into six major categories in Windows 10. Earlier, you would have very rarely got this information from a website which is giving you information about which are the default apps for Windows 10.

The apps or programs that come with Windows when we install Microsoft Windows on our computer are typically called default apps or default programs. In this we can install and use any app we want and make default app، below you will see how we can make an app the default app other than the Windows app.

We will guide you in the best way to increase your values ​​in front of others. We hope this information will improve your technical skills to become a good user while increasing your values. If you like this post, please comment and share it so that someone's knowledge increases.

Default apps for Windows 10 


Mail (App)



Music Player

Groove Music

Photo Viewer


Video Players

Movies & TV

Web Browser

 Microsoft Edge


It is designed primarily for Microsoft email accounts, allowing you to access many Microsoft apps and services from the app if you are using a Microsoft account such as Hotmail or a Live Microsoft account. Which are mostly free. This mail app gives you Microsoft email send and receive and other related services.

A Microsoft account is required to work on any Microsoft app. If anyone has not created a Microsoft account yet, check out this post “How to Create a Microsoft Account?” and you will be able to create your Microsoft account easily.


This is an app created by Microsoft that lets you know the location of countries and cities around the world. You can add your address in the part of the world where you are living. In this app, big institutions and colleges, universities and other departments have their addresses added so that anyone who wants to know these locations can reach them easily.

Groove Music

This app is used to play audio files in Microsoft Windows 10. Groove Music is an audio player software app that is the default app in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and this app supports audio files.


Photos is a great app. By which you can keep your folders, videos inside a specific folder. This app also links with OneDrive. You can view your photos to refresh your memories. You must be signed in with a Microsoft account to link with OneDrive. Once you sign in, you can protect your memories. You can also access your data. And in addition, you can share your photos and videos with your family and friends.

Movies & TV

This app is used to play video files. It is an advanced entertainment app that plays video files very fast. You can also call it video player for play video files, Microsoft has made the Movies and TV app the default app in Windows 10 that plays video and audio files. You can download this app from the Windows Store and install it on any device. And with this app you can also purchase TV shows and movies.

Edge Browser

The Microsoft Edge browser has a new rendering engine built into it called Edge HTML. It also integrates Cortana, a digital assistant that provides voice control, search and personal information to users. More detail for check out this post “Main Features and Interface ofWindows 10

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