How to Create Shutdown Button in Start Menu/Taskbar for Windows 10?


As you may have noticed that Microsoft has already given a shutdown, restart, log off, and sleep buttons in the start menu for Windows 7. But Windows 8 or Windows 10 does not already have a shutdown button. How can we create a shutdown button in Windows 10? In this lesson you will be able to create a shutdown button in the start menu in a very simple way. So let's start!

Follow these steps for create shutdown button in start menu for windows 10.

  1. Right click on the desktop area
  2. Select the New > Shortcut option

The create shortcut windows will be show on your screen see below picture.

      3. Type in the create shortcut following bar: shutdown -s -t -00 -f then click Next Button

1.                   4. Then enter the name of shortcut, here we use the name is Shutdown then click Finish.

The Shutdown shortcut creates on the desktop Windows 10.

1.           5. Right click on the created Shutdown Shortcut and click Properties. The shutdown shortcut properties window will be open.

1.                        6. Click the Change Icon Button in the bottom of Shutdown Shortcut Properties window. A dialogue box will be open, show notification “Choose an icon from the list or specify a different file”, then click Ok button. 

Choose the power button in the icons list and click Ok button, then Click Apply and OK button.

         8. Next, again right click on Shutdown Shortcut Icon then click Pin to Start or Pin to Taskbar.  As you wish choose the location in Start Menu or Taskbar. 

The shortcut button created in the start menu.  See below:

You can pin to Taskbar this shortcut.

  • Right Click on the Shutdown Shortcut then click pin to Taskbar

Shutdown Shortcut will be pin to Taskbar see above taskbar.

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